July 20, 2011

Holy Hot

 Dress/Cardigan: Anthropologie, Necklace: Downeast, Bracelets: Forever 21, Lips: MAC's Lady Danger

I found this dress on sale at Anthropologie for half off it's original price. Always check the sale's at Anthro before looking around, they have some really good stuff. I got my Anthro apron on sale for $8!

It has been so wonderfully hot here. Not so wonderful in our apartment with no A/C. It was ridiculous on Sunday, me and Dave were both dragging. The heat was kicking our butt's, so we went outside to take some pic's and it was so much cooler outside than in our apartment. Weird how that works out. Also it was really sunny so I was squinting. Bad. I am so glad it's been so warm though, even if it does mean being a little miserable at home. I feel like Rexburg never get's Hot enough to go jump in the water, can't wait to go swimming this weekend!


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