March 27, 2009

Wash Park

Washington Park is our favorite park in Denver its really big so you don't have to run around it nine times just to run 3 miles. That's usually all we do there is run or play tennis but last Saturday we did so much more. We wanted to have a picnic but didn't have a lot of food so we went and got sandwiches and fruit from Whole Foods. The food was delicious and the squirrels would agree, these three little squirrels would not leave us alone David was loving it but I really just wanted them to go away, then came the Ducks which I didn't mind so much because I was able to get some cool shots. Then we walked around the park for awhile we kept seeing people in these funny looking bikes and I was like o that looks fun and then we found we're they we're getting them from this little bike rental place by the water. We had to rent one, and it was so worth it!Our Blue Bike for the Hour! I loved it! It was so much fun! Only one of the wheels actually controlled the bike I kept trying to turn the bike with the fake wheel it was pretty funny! I drove us for most of the trip David was more in charge of keeping us moving it was hard with me wearing a skirt.
We took a little break to take some pictures. A lady asked if she wanted to take a picture of the both of us but I said no since it was my way nice camera so we took our own picture I'm very surprised it came out so well!
The ducks or I guess geese at the park, this one got way close to me which allowed me to get some cool shots. One got a little too close and when it flapped it's wing to take off I was sprayed with a bunch of water.

My Favorite shot!

Yellow Walls

More fun picture taking poor David has been my model for the past month and hasn't complained once. I'm getting more use to my camera but the lighting is a little difficult to figure out sometimes. It was a very sunny day David was trying so hard not to squint, I think the pictures turned out pretty good anyways. He's a very handsome Model!


March 15, 2009

Skate A Rama

I use to go roller skating with my friends a lot as a kid and really felt like re-living those memories with David so Friday night I asked David out on a date to Skate City. We started the night out at Applebee's with the two for twenty deal! (a very good deal) Then headed down to the skate city, upon arrival we found it to be very crowded and had to wait in line for awhile before we could go in. The crowd was a little bit younger then us actually a lot younger, I kept telling David I fit right in while he looked like a creeper. We got the old school skates of course, it took us while to get us to them all the little kids we're cruising by as I clung to the walls. We skated around for awhile before we decided it was time to go the music was so loud and nasty (one thing I do not remember from my childhood) and there we're just too many little kids around we really felt out of place. I had never felt so old in my life. But we still had a ton of fun skating around trying not to fall down. We we're way exhausted after skating but not too exhausted to get some delicious Dairy Queen.


Brother Time

Christopher (my younger brother) came to visit last week I know there are no pictures of him I was unable to take as many pictures as I would have liked but I did get a few of Jared and his cute new addition to his little family. It was nice for David to finally meet Jared and for me to spend some time with my two brothers.


March 9, 2009

Tennis Surprise

Me and David have been looking at tennis rackets for months but never bought them because they we're a little too pricey. David loves to play tennis but we since we didn't have rackets it we could never go play. So the other day I decided I was just going to go get some and surprise him no matter the cost, I justified this by saying it was a fun way for us to work out! When I surprised David with them he wasn't as excited as I was hoping afraid that I had spent too much but I told him not to worry I got them for a low price at Target.We went and played that night for over an hour and then the next night! I'm still a little rusty but David's been nice and has been hitting the ball very slower for me.

March 3, 2009


I know the Holidays have come and gone so this post is a little late but since we weren't with our families for Thanksgiving or Christmas I thought I would put up some pictures so everyone could see what we did for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as newlyweds.

After many hours in Wal-Mart and Target we finally got the perfect tree and decorations. Then later found the perfect star at salvation army probably our favorite part of the entire tree.
David stretching out after opening all our presents to each other, and me with my new Pink Robe that goes so well with my green pants.
We wrapped up some of Chanel's old toys and gave them to her to open but she didn't really understand so we had to unwrap them for her and then she realized it was nothing new and played with the paper. Me and David are huge breakfast food fans so of course on thanksgiving we had to go all out. Then while our turkey was cooking we went out to a movie.David cutting our very tiny turkeyEven Chanel got a Thanksgiving dinner
We definitely had more food then this but for some reason I forgot to put it on the coffee table before I took this picture. Everything was so good I was very proud of us for making it all by ourselves and it doesn't hurt that David is an amazing cook.

FHE Madness

We really enjoy our family home evenings David is usually in charge of the lesson and I do the activity or we'll just go get a slurpee if we don't have alot of time either way we have a lot of fun. But this week we really went all out. I made the fort before I went to pick up David from work we had been talking about making one for awhile so I surprised him with it when he got home. David made us a yummy "tin foil" dinner hold the tin foil. (we make tin foil dinners when we go camping and they are soooo gooooood!! ) and we ate it in our fort. Then for the activity we had a relay around the house running up and down the stairs around the outside and back inside throwing in some jumping jacks and push-ups David technically won considering I cheated and skipped the crunches to beat him around the house. Then we walked down to licks a local Ice Cream shop thats just a couple blocks down from house, and got Almond Joy ice cream even though I bought rasberries for dessert so we wouldn't be tempted by the Ice Cream!!