March 15, 2009

Skate A Rama

I use to go roller skating with my friends a lot as a kid and really felt like re-living those memories with David so Friday night I asked David out on a date to Skate City. We started the night out at Applebee's with the two for twenty deal! (a very good deal) Then headed down to the skate city, upon arrival we found it to be very crowded and had to wait in line for awhile before we could go in. The crowd was a little bit younger then us actually a lot younger, I kept telling David I fit right in while he looked like a creeper. We got the old school skates of course, it took us while to get us to them all the little kids we're cruising by as I clung to the walls. We skated around for awhile before we decided it was time to go the music was so loud and nasty (one thing I do not remember from my childhood) and there we're just too many little kids around we really felt out of place. I had never felt so old in my life. But we still had a ton of fun skating around trying not to fall down. We we're way exhausted after skating but not too exhausted to get some delicious Dairy Queen.


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