March 3, 2009

FHE Madness

We really enjoy our family home evenings David is usually in charge of the lesson and I do the activity or we'll just go get a slurpee if we don't have alot of time either way we have a lot of fun. But this week we really went all out. I made the fort before I went to pick up David from work we had been talking about making one for awhile so I surprised him with it when he got home. David made us a yummy "tin foil" dinner hold the tin foil. (we make tin foil dinners when we go camping and they are soooo gooooood!! ) and we ate it in our fort. Then for the activity we had a relay around the house running up and down the stairs around the outside and back inside throwing in some jumping jacks and push-ups David technically won considering I cheated and skipped the crunches to beat him around the house. Then we walked down to licks a local Ice Cream shop thats just a couple blocks down from house, and got Almond Joy ice cream even though I bought rasberries for dessert so we wouldn't be tempted by the Ice Cream!!

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