March 3, 2009


I know the Holidays have come and gone so this post is a little late but since we weren't with our families for Thanksgiving or Christmas I thought I would put up some pictures so everyone could see what we did for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as newlyweds.

After many hours in Wal-Mart and Target we finally got the perfect tree and decorations. Then later found the perfect star at salvation army probably our favorite part of the entire tree.
David stretching out after opening all our presents to each other, and me with my new Pink Robe that goes so well with my green pants.
We wrapped up some of Chanel's old toys and gave them to her to open but she didn't really understand so we had to unwrap them for her and then she realized it was nothing new and played with the paper. Me and David are huge breakfast food fans so of course on thanksgiving we had to go all out. Then while our turkey was cooking we went out to a movie.David cutting our very tiny turkeyEven Chanel got a Thanksgiving dinner
We definitely had more food then this but for some reason I forgot to put it on the coffee table before I took this picture. Everything was so good I was very proud of us for making it all by ourselves and it doesn't hurt that David is an amazing cook.

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  1. I love you guys. You make the best of the moment your in and keep it fun. Best wishes for your next Holiday!