October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

A spooky picture for your Halloween morning. We went to the Haunt dance party Friday night and I ran into a very scary Lord Voldemort. I really wanted a picture and he just so happened to know David (no surprise) so that worked out great. I tried to make a scary witch face but I think I was still too scared myself.

October 28, 2011

Fancy Friday

Sorry no awesome Fancy Friday photo shoot this week. Since David's parent's have been in town I totally forgot to schedule a shoot with Josh. But yesterday I did want to do a little lipstick review but waited to use it today as a Fancy Friday filler. So let's talk lipstick! 

I love love love lipstick. If i didn't have time to do my hair that day or do an awesome job on my makeup I can put on some lipstick and my look come's together. Even like I went the extra mile that morning when really I was running late. 

Here I'm wearing MACs Lady Danger. This is by far my favorite lipstick shade. It's that perfect shade of orangy red and I can wear it with almost any outfit. As far as the brand I'm kind of loyal to MAC and will say that any MAC lipstick is going to work great, which it will. It last's all day and I don't need a lot of coat's to get my lip's covered and it make's my lip's feel nice and moisturized. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's almost impossible to eat while wearing. The lady said it wouldn't come off when I ate but too bad it does. So there you have it a little lipstick review! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome Halloween Weekend!

October 27, 2011

The Straw Maze

If you live in Rexburg and haven't gone to the straw maze yet you really need to go before it closes it's crazy. We went during the week so it wasn't haunted but I was still freaked out, it was pretty dark in there and people kept jumping around the corner. I think going the week before to a different straw maze with my best friend's and being scared into tear's didn't help either. But if you love being scared I think the straw maze would be one scary place! But if your anything like me go during the week when it's safe!

October 26, 2011

The Alley

Skirt/Scarf/Sweater: H&M. Boots: Target. Bracelets: F21.

A whole outfit from H&M! I don't think I have ever accomplished such a task without realizing it. Until the next day when posting it  on the blog. H&M is really that good can't wait until I live closer to one. Hooray another alley picture. Honestly it's just so convenient I can just run right down stairs around the corner, take the picture and be off with my day. However I know a stop sign is not the most exciting thing to look at everyday so I will be better promise! David's Momo is coming to town today I love when people visit. I wish we had a house and I could host a really big holiday like Thanksgiving but then again I hate to cook so maybe not. Hope every has a Fancy Day and is staying warm!

October 25, 2011

i love....

1. An afternoon bike ride. 2. Girl's night with this crazy gal. 3. Going to the store and buying whatever snack's I want to eat for move night. 4. Carving our first pumpkin of the season. 5. Extra play time with this guy.

October 24, 2011

A Fall Walk

Cardigan: Free People via T.J. Maxx. Shirt: Target. Pants: American Eagle. Jewelery/Sunglasses: F21. Shoes: Steve Madden

We walked all over Rexburg yesterday afternoon, the tree's have finally started to change color's and we wanted to get a look at them before the snow come's. Which hopefully won't happen before we move but most likely will. Sad. I love Sunday's when we can just walk around for hour's and not have to be anywhere or do anything it's one of the most relaxing day's of the week.

October 21, 2011

Fancy Friday

Suite: Khol's. Shirt: Nordstrom. Tie: J. Crew

Fancy Friday! It's a miracle. Even with no hair this man is a fierce model. David is a Fancy Friday saver, when I don't have the time or energy to pick out an outfit, do my hair, and my makeup David can throw some clothes maybe smooth out those eye brows and we are good to go. It's awesome. But sometimes I wonder if you guy's even care about seeing Mens fashion. Do you like the random pictures of David or no? I would really love to know! Leave a little comment or if your not a commenter or don't know how send to me an e-mail(afancydayblog@gmail.com) telling me what you think. Then I can either stop showing picture's of David or start showing more. Hope everyone has a Fancy Friday! and of course we can't forgot Josh (thanks josh!)

October 19, 2011

Blacky Black

Shirt: American Eagle. Cardigan/Necklace: F2. Skirt: Urban. Tights: Gap. Boots: Old Navy. 

Sometimes I struggle to get pictures of my outfit taken because every day I wear ALL black and that is not very exciting let me tell ya. So I usually have to throw something together after school or get pictures on the weekend and lately I just haven't been doing that and I'm sorry (sad face). Here is an almost all black guess it just feel's like home.  I got my inspiration from a little hipster girl on the street she did have on a bright orange dress.... funny how that worked out, nevertheless she was inspiring.

October 17, 2011

Sunday Night

We went on a rainy walk, made our own version of caramel apple's, snuggled up and got all cozy while watching a scary movie, and Coco destroyed our game of Scrabble. Since we have sold our couch and most everything in our living room sleepover's are happening quite often in there.

October 13, 2011

To Run

Top: Gap, Cardigan: Downeast, Pants: Forever, Shoes: Steve Madden, Purse: H&M. 
Sorry the for lack of post's my photographer has been a little too busy to have the time to take a picture of me. I put this outfit together awhile ago for a quick dinner date at a friend's house, you know the kind where you just throw on whatever is most comfortable and you have no intentions of putting it in the blog. Ya that's this outfit on the blog. The thing is I've just been wearing it so often because it is so ridiculously comfortable but I still feel cute so I thought that was blog worthy. In other news I've really been wanting to go run outside but I hate running outside by myself I feel awkward. So I usually just end up going to the gym. This way everyone is doing the same silly workouts and no one is driving by to judge. But the outside air is so refreshing I can't decide maybe I should just man up and do it!

October 11, 2011

i love....

1. I know I always say I love my cat but how can you not with that face...
2. Motivation when driving.
3. These two. So funny!

October 7, 2011

Fancy Friday

Dress: J. Crew. Belt: H&M. Boots: Old Navy. Necklace/Bracelets: F21. Scarf/Tights: Gift.

We were suppose to do Fancy Friday in the park with all the leaves but the day of the shoot it rained ALL day and I figured we would have to shoot in the studio but Josh still wanted to go outside..... I really, really hate the rain. Despite that I actually did quite well even with all the drip drops falling on my head, and I'm so glad we went outside because the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! It hasn't stopped raining since Wednesday and it actually snowed yesterday bla! I'm ready for Fall  but not so much Winter. Hope you have a Fancy Friday free of rain and snow!

October 5, 2011

Rainbow Brite

Today at school I wore this! WHY? In hopes of winning a mini flat iron for most colorful outfit of course. Sadly I did not win I guess balloon skirts are just not in right now geez! School was still really fun today though we kicked off Caper (a huge event for Paul Mitchell) and did some crazy other hair school stuff. Did I mention I love going to Paul Mitchell? O cause I do!

October 4, 2011

i love.....

1. Selling almost all of our stuff in preparation to move to New York.  But I kind of also don't love it because now we have nothing to sit on. 
2. David making his delicious banana bread. 
3. Finding music on the streets.
4. Snuggling with Coco. 
5. Having lot's of room to play with Coco now that all the furniture is gone. 
6. Delicious treats at birthday parties.