October 26, 2011

The Alley

Skirt/Scarf/Sweater: H&M. Boots: Target. Bracelets: F21.

A whole outfit from H&M! I don't think I have ever accomplished such a task without realizing it. Until the next day when posting it  on the blog. H&M is really that good can't wait until I live closer to one. Hooray another alley picture. Honestly it's just so convenient I can just run right down stairs around the corner, take the picture and be off with my day. However I know a stop sign is not the most exciting thing to look at everyday so I will be better promise! David's Momo is coming to town today I love when people visit. I wish we had a house and I could host a really big holiday like Thanksgiving but then again I hate to cook so maybe not. Hope every has a Fancy Day and is staying warm!

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