October 13, 2011

To Run

Top: Gap, Cardigan: Downeast, Pants: Forever, Shoes: Steve Madden, Purse: H&M. 
Sorry the for lack of post's my photographer has been a little too busy to have the time to take a picture of me. I put this outfit together awhile ago for a quick dinner date at a friend's house, you know the kind where you just throw on whatever is most comfortable and you have no intentions of putting it in the blog. Ya that's this outfit on the blog. The thing is I've just been wearing it so often because it is so ridiculously comfortable but I still feel cute so I thought that was blog worthy. In other news I've really been wanting to go run outside but I hate running outside by myself I feel awkward. So I usually just end up going to the gym. This way everyone is doing the same silly workouts and no one is driving by to judge. But the outside air is so refreshing I can't decide maybe I should just man up and do it!

1 comment:

  1. we have been thinking a lot of you guys lately! we hope things are going well. i love the outfit, it looks really good.
    also being the outside runner that i am, people only look, because they are sad they are not out doing the same thing. i think you should go for a run. i wish we lived closer to each other, i would go with you, along with my two buddies.
    new york has a lot of people, you will never be alone running again!
    love you guys have a great weekend
    jess and everyone!