October 28, 2011

Fancy Friday

Sorry no awesome Fancy Friday photo shoot this week. Since David's parent's have been in town I totally forgot to schedule a shoot with Josh. But yesterday I did want to do a little lipstick review but waited to use it today as a Fancy Friday filler. So let's talk lipstick! 

I love love love lipstick. If i didn't have time to do my hair that day or do an awesome job on my makeup I can put on some lipstick and my look come's together. Even like I went the extra mile that morning when really I was running late. 

Here I'm wearing MACs Lady Danger. This is by far my favorite lipstick shade. It's that perfect shade of orangy red and I can wear it with almost any outfit. As far as the brand I'm kind of loyal to MAC and will say that any MAC lipstick is going to work great, which it will. It last's all day and I don't need a lot of coat's to get my lip's covered and it make's my lip's feel nice and moisturized. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's almost impossible to eat while wearing. The lady said it wouldn't come off when I ate but too bad it does. So there you have it a little lipstick review! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome Halloween Weekend!

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  1. I love that color!! I have a bright pink I have been using but I need a darker color for fall and winter. Im going to MAC!

    Classic & Bubbly