February 19, 2009

We live in a cute little house downtown that has now been
turned into small studio apartments.
We're the only
ones that live on the bottom floor
which is nice but that
means we get to hear everyone
upstairs! I like this apartment a lot its
nice and open
and fills up with sunlight during the day. I think I will be very sad when we have to
leave it behind! Our kitchen really isn't that boring it's just hard to get a good picture of its beauty!


  1. I love your apartment. I think those older homes have a lot of charm. It looks like the owners did a nice job of turning it into apartments. You two have done a nice job of making the apartment a home. Best wishes.

  2. Ya I like them too there are some really pretty ones in our neighborhood I will have to go around and take some pictures for you! Ours is definitely the nicer of the apartments the others are pretty small but we also worked very hard to clean it and make it look nice everyone is jealous of our apartment but they came later then me and David early bird gets the worm!!!

  3. holy crap, i'm jealous that you have your own place that you can PAINT!!! aaahhh. where do you live now? did you both graduate?