April 27, 2010

Rainy days

It's raining tonight and it reminded me of a wonderful day I had awhile ago when it was also raining but I didn't have school or work and I sat around in my pj's and did crafts.
(stamps that came with my splat book for v-day)

We are into our second week of school and it's going to be a busy semester.

my favorite class so far is Book Arts which I figured would be and I was soo right, the teacher also helped pull the class into first place. She is so funny and truly inspiring her confidence in our Heavenly Father amaze's me.

and now some quotage from her because I love to quote.

note-these quotes are not exact

" My true passion is the savior Jesus Christ."
"the holy ghost is a 24/7 member of the God head."
"you guy's can do this, you are children of a heavenly father who love's you."
"i have art storage.." (talking about food storage)

pictures to come of the books I've made soon. they aren't beautiful but to have created them myself is amazing. I love when I can create something that seems so impossible to create ex: bread, anything from scratch, a knitted scarve, a painting, and of course books.

I have a new job hooray! I am a secretary in the office David work's. The first day was so much fun I wanted to work all day. The 2nd a little slow. Tomorrow is the 3rd..... I use to want to be an Executive Assistant this isn't quite the same however all in all I like it and I don't have to wear stinky clothes and cook nasty food a true blessing from my Heavenly Father!

au revoir (french is still hard)


  1. bah! love it. book arts was so fun. not my passion but still fun and its great to have a little box at the end of all your little projects. just takes FOREVER!!! haha. and sister simpson is incredible. she's hilarious. ok, glad all is well! adieu...

  2. Rainy days never get me down. That may be because it makes me feel less guilty about staying indoors and doing indoorsy stuff like cool crafts. Long live the artist in all of us.

  3. oh my gosh i'm SOOOO jealous you're taking that class!! i've always wanted to take that class but can't cause the stupid rules of only majors allowed. what the crap is up with that!!