April 6, 2010

Conference & Easter

(love this picture david took. the light is awesome.)

Easter & Conference all at the same time! It was a great weekend! We decided this year that we wanted to actually listen to every session instead of just attending a few and then having to read the rest. I'm really looking forward to reading them again! It was a really great way to spend our weekend especially our Easter weekend. no easter basket is complete without peeps and a chocolate bunny
david got me the martha stewart cooking school book! and I LOVE it! I have been renting it from the city library since this summer as often as I can so it will be really nice to actually own it and not have to wait for recipes anymore. It's an awesome book. She shows you step by step how to do things so I don't have to guess. My favorite part is of course the desert section but I really do want to learn how to cook main dishes so I can give David a break from cooking. More post about my cooking adventures to come.
My own personal Easter egg hunt
I asked for not so much candy in my basket so instead of putting candy in the egg's david wrote me little notes which was much more meaningful
(also love this picture he took. hes better then me.)
David's turn!Sleepless in Seattle one of his favs! plus a new nail file and gummy candies
Opening the egg very carefully so that the mike and ikes don't come out.
After conference david prepared an Easter feast with Cornish game hens his amazing mashed potatoes and my favorite asparagus
& I made rolls!! Can you believe it! I was so excited to have made homemade rolls. One of my goals for the semester is to learn how to make really good rolls and I was hoping they would be really good first try but they were just ok so I will have to try again.
Craig Shipley a good friend who is leaving (tear) had a little get together that night with all of David's old friends before the mission.
The guy's

Happy Easter!


  1. Great Blog. Life at its happiest is about the little things. All the little things that build to an amazing adventure you can look back upon and feel good about the choices you made - like visiting a friend at an important time in their life.