March 30, 2010

BFA student

This semester David applied for the BFA (bachelor of fine arts) program. He has worked so hard to prepare for this and we found out on Monday that he got in!!

Basically this means he will be specialized in Graphic Design.

This is the first step of many to reaching his potential of one day being an amazing creative director. Since he is now a BFA student he will be able to take more graphic design classes then a regular art student would filling up his brain with everything design.

His last two semesters of school he will work on his BFA show and then present it in the gallery on campus two or three weeks before he graduates.

I couldn't be more proud of him! he couldn't be more happy and relived! he has been so stressed that he wouldn't get in. I of course knew he would but you can understand why he would be freaking out.
the letterofficially acceptedwoo hoo I'm amazing!

the creative way he turned in his portfolio!

Then! When life just couldn't get any better for us we found out that David got the art scholarship he applied for and he will receive $800 a semester towards his tuition. Our Heavenly Father truly loves and watches over us and blesses us in more ways then we could ever imagine! I'm so grateful for that and for my amazing husband who works so hard to be the best he can for our little family!

Congratulations David you truly are Amazing!

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  1. Congradulations David and you too Courtney. I am proud of both of you. Your happiness makes me happy. To tell the truth just looking at your smiling faces keeps a smile on mine. So, way to go David; keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress. By the way, with such and amazing jump have you ever considered the NBA?