March 9, 2010

Painting 101

We have "dates" a lot! Which is usually just us making dinner together and playing a game or watching a show. Or going shopping. We try to do date nights a lot which are much different then a regular a date and much more exciting because it means David plans the date, we get dressed up, usually go out to eat and I get surprised!

David planned a really fantastic date night this past week. I mean really fantastic. Before we left the house David packed a backpack full of stuff, which he had done once before when we went ice skating so that's what I figured we we're doing. We went to Craigo's (one out of three of the only good resturants here) and then I thought we we're going to the ice skating rink but no he drove us to the school which was weird and took us up to one of the art rooms and pulls out all our paints and two canvas and says we are going to paint something for our bookshelf. How creative is he?

I was so surprised!

We listened to a little Pandora radio

Set everything up
Then got to painting

We decided we wanted to copy some famous paintings instead of thinking of our own (not so creative) but it was fun!
I was taking my time so I didn't finish before it was time for us to go so I had to finish later

I think David's looks amazing! I think we did a great job if anything they are abstract we are both art majors after all.

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  1. I decided a long time ago to, as I like to put it, collect treasure and not trash. We pick up stuff as we travel through life and a lot of it isn't worth keeping. The wonder of life is made more readily available for our children to ponder when it is told with the aid of a family heirloom like art we make ourselves. Someday some little girl or boy is going to have life made richer for the little treasures you collect along the way.