March 24, 2010

New Additions

I love not moving we use to move around a lot and I would never decorate and we never bought any furniture because we thought whats the point who knows what our next apartment is going to be like and if that furniture will even fit. But now that we are staying at this amazing apartment until we graduate we get to decorate and add new furniture anytime we please. And it's so much fun! So we recently added some new stuff that we wanted to get way back in september when we painted and decorated but couldn't afford all of it at once.
Bookshelf:We have really been needed one of these to hold all our books and other random things because our closet is just too small. Shockingly enough we got it at wal-mart for way cheap! This is how it looks for now I want to keep adding to it and make it even more beautiful
This is my favorite part of the bookshelf
We found this awesome key at DI
And these pretty books
Kitchen Table:

I am probably most excited for this one! I have been wanting a table for so long I was really tired of eating on the coach and coffee table and then having to vacuum all the crumbs everyday. We got this at K-Mart for pretty cheap. It took us awhile to find the right size table since it has to fit behind the door. But it works perfect we can pull it out and lift up the flaps its great! have big dreams for this table it only has two stools and we need four so I want to get some cute mis-matched ones from thrift stores or Ikea and hopefully one day sand it down and paint it to make it look more antique and farm table like.Chair:

It's not having to all cram on the couch when people come over or sit on the floor. We got this at Ikea for only 20 the chair and the throw is from the couch and pillow we already had.


We found this at some little store next to where we use to live for only 5 its different and I love it.


  1. I love the stuff. One day you will have everything just the way you want it. LOvE Ya!!

  2. I love the new additions! How fun to make your apartment feel like your little house. I am sure you are loving that.

    Our address is: 2121 West Seward, Kuna, ID 83634.

    That will be our address for another month or so and then we'll be moving!!

    I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you both.