March 1, 2010

March 1st

I can't believe it's already March this winter semester has gone by so fast! Summer is so close! I can't wait! It's my favorite time of the year it's like one big holiday with all the fun things you get to do. Last year we didn't take much advantage of our summer so I'm really looking forward to an amazing summer this year. With lots of swimming, camping, biking, bonfires, picnics, movies, games, hot dog eating, sandal wearing, ice cream licking, and sun bathing going on.
We pretty much only have one more month of break which has it's positive and negatives.


I won't have to work at Bajio anymore even though I love all my friends.

I will get to start school and take crazy classes which I haven't really decided on yet.

and of course Summer is just around the corner.


I will have to start school again.

I won't have time to be lazy anymore.

I will have to do homework.

I won't have random days off to just do whatever I want.

I will have to wake up early.

I need to get crack a lacking on my goals for this semester like

- Read to Alma ( no worries i'm pretty much there)
- Read 3 new books ( i need some books)
- Loose 5 pounds and get rewarded with the most beautiful swimsuite from J.crew or anthro.
- Write in Journal 3 times a week ( serious improvement needed)
- Learn how to make a new cookie really well ( i made shortbreads and they were awesome but I want something more intense then that)
- Decide what to do with school
- Learn to crochet
- Make new friends
- Learn how to make good rolls (i make ok ones but i want to make some really awesome ones)

so in closing I'll just say I am happy to see march at the door.

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