March 29, 2010

shh! Its a surprise!

I threw a surprise birthday party for David last night. He will be 25 this year! Which I think is a very significant birthday so I really wanted to go all out and make this year's birthday super special. His real birthday is April 7th however this weekend was the only time we could have the party but it worked out because who would suspect a birthday party two weeks before their actually birthday?

It was still really hard to keep it from him because 1. i'm really bad at keeping secrets 2. i hate secrets 3. david is super smart

but somehow I pulled it off

A week before the party I told David that we should have Steven and Margeaux over to play games at seven. Steven was going to have David come over before to help him with his resume and then they would come over after to "play games" But then I had the brilliant idea of telling David that my friends Meghan and Amanda wanted to have a girls night at our place. I told him they were coming at five and probably wouldn't be over too long and that Steven and Margeaux could still come play games. So on Sunday at five he left to go over to Steven's while I had a "girl's night" aka decorate, bake a cake, and change. I texted him at seven fifteen to tell him they had left and he could come over

surprise from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.

Love this picture of Craig
Bryce & the birthday boyHil and Jack meeting hank and holly
Amanda & Mike ( thanks to these two for helping set up the decor)
Steven and Margeaux (also thanks for all your help)
I was so distracted with other things I didn't get that many pictures of the decorations. We were about to cut the cake before i realized I had no picture of it
the theme of the party was Seattle I water colored these to go on the cake this is my favorite part of the decorations. I hate the typical birthday banner sign and couldn't find a cute one so I made one myself. also water colored


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  1. I love you both. I really liked the video addition to your blog. It lets me be a part of it when I can't actually be there. To both of you - I enjoy your spirit. You have wonderful friends and I hope you always will.