April 19, 2010

1 year and nine months

Me and David have been married for one year and nine months today but who's counting......

Tomorrow we both start school the winter semester went by so quickly it feel's like it just started but it's already gone and it's my turn to go to school again. which I'm excited about but at the same time not. I've never had a very loving relationship with school more of a hating relationship but this semester should be fun because

1. I'm taking French 2!
2. I'm taking Piano!
3. I'm taking Book Arts ( you learn how to make journal's scrapbook's etc... Awesome)

but then I have to take lame classes like Botany bla and FA 100 bla Art Seminar

David's taking classes like

Creative Writing (can't wait to see what happens there)
ADVANCED graphic design
Art Seminar

pretty much taking a lot of generals this semester and we are both working.

As far as my goals for this past semester {goals} I wouldn't give myself a gold star but a silver I think I deserve

1.Read to Alma
( I was awesome at this. I got there a month ago!)
2. Read 3 new books
( I only read Alice in Wonderland which is great everyone should read it and I'm working on pride and prejudice at the moment my goal for the year is ten books so I better hurry up.)
3.Loose 5 pounds and get rewarded with the most beautiful swimsuite from J.crew or anthro.
(so did not happen but I didn't gain weight..... I'll work on that this semester)
4. Write in Journal 3 times a week
( it was more like once or twice a month I'll work on this one as well)
5. Learn how to make a new cookie really well
( i made shortbreads never tried anything more intense but the shortbreads we're amazing)
6.Decide what to do with school
( Probably my greatest accomplishment of the semester I will share later)
7. Learn to crochet
( never picked up a needle, still working on my scarf from christmas... don't judge)
8. Make new friends
( really surprised myself with this one, I mad a lot of new friend's)
9. Learn how to make good rolls
(i made some for Easter I wouldn't say they we're good but I did it)

So there we have it I didn't complete all of them but I think I accomplished the more important one's and I can always work on them this semester. I'm excited for the summer I am so ready for the warmth and all the fun activities that come with it!


  1. Time well spent is a continuing goal for all of us. To look back and find you have accomplished many of the goals set for the coming year is nothing to despare. I'm proud of you.

  2. You are sooooo fun! I love crocheting I make everyone scarves from here in Phoenix, funny huh?! AND I love Anthropology, I got a belt(on clearance, of course) cuz that's all I could afford. I straight wore that thing with everything for a couple of months. I still love it, I'm trying to control myself though. Speaking of Anthro, having you taken any of those classes? They are the best, sooo very interesting! Also I'm happy about all your goals ;)