August 8, 2012

Shirt: RVCA, Pants: Abercrombie, Shoes: Toms, Glasses: Cassette

It's Ok.....

- To use husband for the blog from pictures you took from a date night a couple weeks ago because you've been too lazy to put together a new outfit.

- To pretend like you know how to pick out a nectarine touching almost every single one in hopes that one will just speak to you "pick me"

- To not recognize someone for the third time... so embarrassing!

- To watch a really terriable movie for two hours because you want to know how it finishes. 

- To hate how much they play volleyball olympics during the day. 

- If you crave sloppy joes as an adult.

- To ask for another sample of tinted moisturizer at Sephora even though you know you already like it and should probably just go ahead and buy it. 

Itching to share your It's Ok moments?  Go ahead! Tell me all about it in the comments!



  1. So funny. My husband has that same shirt. Two in every color they make. My friend works for the company so we got them for less than ten each. He stocked up!

  2. I totally took pictures of my husband yesterday and considered using them for a post. Thanks for saying it's OK. :) It's okay to blog instead of go to the gym as long as you don't eat all the cookies you made last night? ;)

  3. Ahah I wonder what movie you are talking about...
    I do the same with avocado and hope they will just jump into my cart!
    Your husband is so handsome! Piece of advice: keep him ;)

  4. oh em gee.
    love that your hubs is doing the flamingo stance!

  5. too funny! he makes a good fill-in though. what a good sport!

  6. Haha especially love the Sephora samples one! I've just done the same thing - I got samples of the same face serum from three different stores, which probably would have lasted me a month anyway, before finally buying it haha! :)

    Life etc

  7. Hi
    Do you have a blog button? I would love to put it up.

    1. I've been working on it! Hopefully soon!!