August 10, 2012

Fancy Friday with Lauren

I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I  can connect with them more. Second up is Lauren from the lovely blog Peace Love Lauren.
hello lovelies! i'm lauren of peace love lauren, where i blog about life with my handsome hubs, our baby girl on the way, and our little life in rexburg. when dear miss courtney asked if i would fill in a fancy friday for her i was a little nervous... SO not a fashion blogger! but i do love to be fancy, so we'll see how this goes! 
fancyfriday fancyfriday fancyfriday
top: thrifted | beads: thrifted | floral skirt: wet seal | bottom skirt: vintage from oma | shoes: dsw

i'm a girl that loves wearing her skirts at her waist {it's got that fifties flair, you dig?} but now that i'm six months pregnant i've noticed that my waist has sort of... disappeared. so now i'm doing that pregnant thing where i wear my skirts up by my boobs. it still feels dainty, so i love it! in an effort to make my skirts still reach my knee i've started layering them, and i love it even more. it feels very ballerina/housewife if you catch my drift. the floral skirt i've had since highschool, it was on sale at wet seal for a penny! i just die for their penny sales. the bottom skirt was a gift from my oma {grandma in german}. they work together perfectly {smile}
have a bright & shiny day! maybe stop for a visit sometime?
xo lauren


  1. In love with the skirt!

  2. i love lauren! i can't wait to be back in rexburg!

  3. K she is so cute! I love this blog. I miss Rexburg so much so I love the Rexburg bloggers too. Darling blog-glad I came across it! :)

  4. aww so cute! I adore that skirt :) wish I'd looked anything like that when i was pregnant.


  5. literally dying over that skirt..

    found the route

  6. So cute! Lovely maternity outfit!