August 24, 2012

Fancy Friday with Kate

 I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I can connect with them more. For our fourth Rexburg blogger we have Kate from She Writes Home, while she is not exactly a fashion blogger I am always swooning over her clothes asking her where she got what.
Dress: DebsFreckles Shoes: F21  Belt: Jcrew

 Hi Fancies! I'm Kate from she writes home and writing home is exactly what I do. I've been in Idaho for the past 3 years with my mountain-man-of-a-husband, Lando and our weird dog, Burry. We blog to update our family on our adventures two states north of home. 

Courtney and I had a class together last semester, we sat in the back row and got into trouble too many times for talking. I think she is just the cutest...and the fanciest! 

This vintage dress was a gift from my friend Debbie (her etsy shop is filled with rad pieces!) I like the softness of the dress with the tom-boyish look of the shoes. And you'll never see me without a turquoise ring on, I have to show some Arizona pride after all.
Thanks Fancy Day readers for letting me play fashion-blogger for a day!


  1. you should be fashion blogger erry'day! kate's a babe.

  2. Both of you are great! And I agree with Brandilyn.

  3. great pics, I love this striped dress! :)