April 30, 2015

Build A Capsule Wardrobe// Part 1: Closet Clean Out

Here are the 5 steps I'm taking to clean my closet out for my Summer capsule.

1. Create a work space and 3 piles for donating, storage, and keeping.
2. Take everything out of your closet.
3. Sort the clothes into those 3 piles.
4. Re-Organize closet with the keep items.
5. Evaluate the holes in your wardrobe.

Lets Begin:

1. CREATE: Create a work space, I make sure my room is totally cleared of clutter before I start so I can focus on the job at hand. Then create three piles for all the items in your closet to go. A pile to donate, to store, and a pile to keep. I use paper grocery bags and line them against an empty wall in my room. The bags stand up straight and it's easier to throw the clothing in quickly.

2. REMOVE: Take everything out of your closet. EVERYTHING. I put all the clothing on my bed to sort into the piles the three piles I've created. This would also be a good time to take advantage of an empty closet and clean those dirty corners.

3. SORT: Anything that is not in season (not summer appropriate) and put in the storage pile. At this time I don't stress too much if I'm going to keep an out of season item or not.  For me it's much easier to do later and saves me from getting mentally burned out. There are probably going to be a lot of items that you're not ready to donate/sale that are seasonal appropriate these will also go in storage. If you haven't done a closet purge in the past your storage pile could be very large and that's ok. To me the point is to not stress you out or cause anxiety, by storing items you're not sure about you have the option to go back and grab them. I still do this and this is the third purge I have done. If you wanted you could create two storage piles one for out of season items and one for items you're not sure what you want to do with yet.

4. RE-ORGANIZE: This step is really crucial to paint a clear picture of what your style currently is. The only items going back in your closet will be the things you wear regularly and when I say regularly I mean you've worn it in the past couple weeks. I've cheated on this step every time I do a closet clean out and trust me it doesn't help you. I actually need to go back and take things out I know I don't really want in there. From this you will be able to see clearly what your style is and a great jumping off point for your capsule. 

5. EVALUATE: With your closet cleared out you can really see all the holes in your wardrobe and where you need to fill it. Take note of what is missing, do you need another pair of pants, a few skirts, or one more pair of shoes? This will be super helpful when creating your shopping list and finding inspiration for your capsule in the next step.

Best Of Luck!


  1. As someone that desperately needs to go through my closet and reorganize, this post is extremely helpful!! I am now excited to create my own capsule :)

  2. You've just inspired me to clear out then clean out my wardrobe, which is full of all kinds of clutter. I have very dark wardrobes which look a little like big black holes swallowing everything that goes in there. I'd like something lighter and brighter and the first step, as you say, is to have a clothes and clutter purge!

    Angella Frasier @ 4 Wardrobe