June 25, 2010

Birthday Series Part 3

After classes were finally over, we went to the ORC on campus and rented a tandem bike. Something we tried to do last summer but never got around to it.

We were on our way to Porter Park to chalk when I got the great Idea to go to Four Paw's! An animal shelter that mostly, and when I say mostly I mean only has Cat's. Dream come true for me!
The Cats love attention and love to swarm your lap if you sit down even for a minute. I think it's hilarious but some Cat's are determined to be held like this little girl. She would not leave David alone, jumped on his back whenever she got the chance.

This is Dudley. I want to take him home.
After a visit to the kitties we went to the park to chalk. David's made me a chalk birthday card
The amazing man behind the b-day celebration madness.
We never get fast food (beside Taco Bell) but it was my Birthday and I wanted to splurge so I chose Sonic for dinner. The perfect place to go after a long summer's day. Two corn dog's, some tater tot's, and a limeade.
Yes I broke my Diet Coke fast. I went 2 months. But I think I deserve a little DC on my B-day.
My Beautiful Black & white birthday cake. We couldn't find the candles anywhere! So a tea candle had to do, but I loved it anyways! Perfect and simple just for me.
and then just when I thought all the surprises were over.
David gives me this.

The Love type monument he made for me awhile ago. But we didn't have a frame for it, and it wasn't printed the right way. So he re-printed it and found me a frame. The whole thing is made out of type using just the letter's L-O-V-E. It's amazing I will have to zoom in on it sometime.
I always suggest having a sleepover in the living room, but the boy in David doesn't like sleep over's and isn't excited about moving the mattress to the living room, naturally. But since it was the girl's birthday I got to move the mattress to the living room, have a sleep over, and watch a movie. The perfect ending to my day.

The End.


  1. I love you sweetie. Cute pictures of the cats. I think the birthday girl should be intitled to a few perks on her birthday. I am pleased to learn you had fun. Your husband is a good man. He must love you very much.

  2. Love the ideal of moving the mattress. I keep thinking it would be fun to move the TV. Let me tell you the mattress plan is better!!