June 13, 2010

Secret Crush part 2

I met David 2 month's before we officially met, and I thought he was sooo cute. He doesn't remember this meeting because we didn't even talk. However I had a secret crush on him the whole time. I didn't even know his name (ok maybe I facebook stalked him and so I technically knew his name.) It was more of a joke crush cause I figured I would never see him again.

However 2 months later I did. I was visiting his ward one Sunday and as I walked into the chapel I saw him sitting in the stand. He was suppose to give a talk but they ran out of time and couldn't give it.I was a little excited but I once again figured I wouldn't never see him again. Plus what was I going to say even if I did run into him? Hi I met you two months ago and I think your cute?

Anyways I just so happened to be in his apartment that day and we got to talking I didn't think anything of it because it had been so long and I had almost forgot about him by this point.

but David is too clever for me and I didn't even notice he was interested and was totally shocked when he asked me out later that night. Now I was pretty excited!

We went out the next day and it was a perfect first date. I knew right away this was going to be different.

We hung out every day after that and when we weren't together we talked on the phone and texted.

Then a year later we were married.

As you know we are big celebrator's so the whole day was full of surprises.

I took David on a picnic that afternoon because the weather was absolutely beautiful but by the time we got to the park it started to rain. I was so sad because I had been waiting to use our cool picnic basket. We improvised and ate in the car. A musical picnicThat night David took me on a trip down memory lane. He rein acted a few of our memorably moment's in our 3 years together.

One of our first date's and the first time I took picture's of the both of us we took a trip to Idaho Falls to feed the duck's.
(David had us wear the same thing we wore on this trip 3 years ago, so if you ever compare these picture's. Yes we are wearing the same thing, yes we still have those clothe's. and I think that's awesome!)
This time we went to Nature Park in Rexburg.
After David proposed we went to Craigo's to celebrate.
(they have the best salds)
Camping was one of the first thing's we did all by ourselves after we were married
So we had smore's for dessert.

This so cliche to say but I am going to say it. I can't believe I have known David for 3 years it has gone by so fast it feel's just like yesterday we were still dating and running around in the summer sun. I love you David!


  1. Thanks for the memories!
    And because it is actually your Birthday when I am commenting here just let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I didn't know that it was your birthday, sorry, I knew that it was sometime soon, man, I feel dumb. Sorry.
    Happy Birthday!!! I am glad that you and David are married. You too are so cute together.
    Thanks for posting on your dating, and getting engaged, I didn't know any of that. I think it is great that you too are such celebraters!!! I love you guys, see you soon.
    Have a great birthday.