June 17, 2010

Camping 101

For part of my Birthday David took me camping. He planned the whole thing without me knowing, all I knew was that we were taking some kind of trip for my birthday and had forgotten that I said I wanted to go camping for my Birthday a few months back. However he eventually had to tell me what I was packing for and I figured it out. But it was still an amazing surprise.

We camped at Heise and it was absolutely beautiful. They have the most amazing camping spot's right next to the water. But we couldn't stay by the water because the river was rising too fast and we would have been floating down the river in the middle of the night so we opted for just a normal pretty camping spot.
Our new blow up Mattress hooray!

We learned many thing's on this camping trip.
Camping 101: Blow up air mattress in tent instead of outside.
We're so hardcore with out air mattress. I don't even care if people think we are weird for bringing a million blankets, a mattress, and pillows. We were comfy! We bought the mattress about a month ago and I've been so excited to use it. Last year we got the tent this year the mattress. Slowly but surely we are building up our camping supplies.
After we set up our camp sight we went on a walk around the campgrounds.

The rising river.
Then we went into Disney mode and started singing Pochohantuas song's like
"just around the river bend."
and talking to Mother Willow.
but really it was absolutely beautiful. I'm so grateful summer has begun to bloom here in Idaho.
Fire 101: Don't put hands in the fire.

Cooking our Tin Foil Dinner's. A must when camping.
Then with nothing else to distract us we sat in our tent because it was a little windy/chilly out.
and attempted to play home, home on the range and other campy song's with our Harmonica we got on our last camping trip. Then it was time for sleep except the wind was crazy it kept waking me up. David thought the wind was going to blow over our tent.

I woke up around 3 and swore that there was someone walking around outside our tent. It scared me so bad. But it was just the crazy wind.
For Breakfast David packed Sausage (my aboslutely favorite breakfast food) &....
Shake and Pour Pancakes!!
Camping 102: Don't forget to bring a spatula so you can flip your breakfast.
Once again we are very Hardcore Camper's. We don't mess around.
The wind from the night before made it impossible to enjoy a good classic s'more. So we had them with our Breakfast.

We thought of more camping lesson's on our trip but I can't think of them at the moment. I love to camp and love it more when I go for my Birthday!



  1. I love camping, even in Texas if it is done before the end of April. I just don't like to sleep in a crab boil. Backyard bar-b-ques, fishing, nature walks? ok, but the next time someone tells me to man-up it isn’t going to be out-doors in a tent any time from June to early September in Texas. That's the kind of weather that separates the men from the crustaceans.

  2. Ha ha ha "talking to grandmother willow"!!!! Bah you just made me laugh very hard... Anyway Adam and I started getting camp stuff 4 years ago and finally had enough to go this year!!! Yay for camping I'm glad you had fun we did to!