June 24, 2010

Birthday Series Part 2

Unfortunately I had to work from 8 to 12:30 that morning. But David showed up around 10 with a huge bouquet of flower's and balloon's that said Birthday Girl. I felt so special and loved! Especially because I know that David pick's out every one of my flower's in the bouquet's he buy's me instead of just getting something pre-made. It makes it extra special to me.

A very happy Birthday girl!

After work he took me on a picnic. We got some Taco Bell and hung out in the sun at porter park on my favorite pink blanket. It's hug! We will probably be able to fit our whole family on it one day. but I'm kind of selfish with my picnic blanket space so they will get their own.
My Birthday was one of the first beautiful and warm day's of the summer. David kept saying it was Heavenly Father's gift to me which is silly! But I couldn't argue it was so nice out.
Then I had some more classes to go. Which is a first. Having a summer birthday mean's you get to do whatever you want all day long...I wasn't use to this.

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  1. Birthdays are a perfect time for remembering the gift that is our's from Heavenly Father and for remembering the sacifice others made for us that we could come into the world. So I say the more you celebrate the more you honor those who gave you the gift of life. I love you Courtney.