June 23, 2010

Birthday Series Part 1

I took a lot of pictures of my Birthday and was trying to make them all fit in one post. It was just too much going on and too confusing. I was starting to cut out pictures, but pictures are way better then words so I'm going to break my Birthday down into 3 parts. Because I would much rather tell a story with pictures then without.

Let's begin the Birthday Extravaganza

David woke me up at 6:00 a.m.
I walked into this beautifully decorated room.

and saw this elegant little package.
"Click Click Camera" kind of gave it away but I wasn't totally sure.
David is a trickster sometimes.
Once I saw the box I knew
and was really excited.
A new Lens! One I've been wanting for a long time!
I told him a couple months ago that I really wanted a sewing machine. I'm so glad he didn't get me a sewing machine. I wouldn't have even known where to begin. Even with my experience from Clothing Construction 1. and I couldn't carrier it around with me all day like I did this guy!
Then in perfect taste I was served Cinnamon Rolls and Simply Orange.
The perfect beginning to my Birthday.

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