June 11, 2010

King of the Wild Frontier

Why is David riding the motor scooter in Wal-Mart? 2 months ago he broke his ankle and we didn't even know it. On his birthday(april 7th) he went to ride around with his new longboard and was going down a pretty big hill too fast he abondned his board so he woukd crasg but he had to stop his board somehow... yep he stopped it with his ankle. It was just sore no swelling so we didn't think anything of it. However a month later when his ankle still hurt I suggested he go to the doctor it might be broken. Then another month later he went running in non-running shoes and messed up the bottom of that same foot and couldn't walk. Then we had to go to the doctor and sure enough his ankle is broken. He has to wear a walking cast for 3 weeks and then it should be healed. Until then we are soaking up the excuse to use the motor scooter's.



  1. oh I am so sorry. I knew that he had hurt it, but I didn't know it was that bad. I think that is so funny that you guys are using the cart, at Wal-mart, hilarious!!!
    Yes, we are going to the reunion. We are so happy that you guys are going as well. It is so soon.
    How did your birthday go Courtney, it was a few days ago right?

  2. YES! Happy Birthday Courtney!!
    I was there at your first one and could share a few stories of how you celebrated. I did most of the dancing and singing then while you played it cool and just kicked back with your eyes closed not wanting to let on to anyone how excited you were. But I could tell you were quite the party animal!

    David you poor thing! I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Honestly I've wanted to fake a need from time to time to ride the WalMart Cart. I mean after all it just goes unused most of the time and shopping can wear a guy out. Keep us posted on your recovery.