January 12, 2012

Coco the Cat Randomness.

I woke up at sometime in the middle of the night because David was jabbing me in the back with his elbow however when I turned over it was not David's elbow but in fact Coco the cat. Geeeez she is so spoiled rotten I didn't even move her to make myself more comfortable but just moved myself so I did not disturb her. 

I took this pictures of her the other day when she was obsessing over some light reflecting on the wall. Long story short she thinks any kind of reflected light is this laster pointer we bought a few months back to use as a toy for her. Don't ever buy your cat a laser pointer, it was a really bad idea.

Look at those eyes folks emerald green gorgeous, Coco is always in fashion being all black. She does need a good grooming though. Did you know it cost's over $100 to get a cat groomed because they have to put them to sleep. I try to brush her but she allows it for no more than 5 minutes before she freaks out and hides under the furniture. And that is that.

Some things you should know about Coco.

- She CANNOT exit her litter box without bringing a ton of litter with her.
-She thinks the fridge is her home even after this incident.
-Nothing is off limits to her royal Coconess.
-She is mini shredder. One time she shredded a $5 bill I left on the counter.
-She likes to have her belly rubbed like a dog.

And that is that.


  1. I want a kitty really bad....but my hubby isn't having it!

  2. it's about time!!! get my goddaughter her own blog!!!:)