February 21, 2011

Coco in the fridge

(this isn't the best picture but I'm surprised I even got one considering how frantic I was)

Coco loves to jump in the fridge, she does it almost every time I open it. I usually catch or stop her from doing it. But this one morning I was in a hurry and when I went to grab my water bottle before leaving I didn't see her jump in and I left for the day. This was at 9:15. I didn't come home until 6.

Usually when I get home she is right at the door, she obviously wasn't today. I thought maybe I locked her in the closet cause we shut the door so she won't play in there, she wasn't there but I could hear her crying then it hit me she was in the fridge! and to make it worse she had gotten into a jar of homemade syrup that didn't have a real lid. There was syrup and fur everywhere. Poor Coco kept trying to lick the syrup off but she was covered. After I gave her a bath and warmed her up we spent the next hour cleaning the fridge out.

While in the fridge she ate an entire bag of lunch meat and I'm assuming whatever syrup wasn't actually on her. I kept waiting for her to throw up but she never did. She was a real trooper through the whole thing and still loves me. I know this story makes me sound like a horrible owner and I probably am but I'm just so grateful she lived through 8 1/2 hours of fridge time. and the funny thing is she didn't learn her lesson she still jumps in the fridge


  1. Coco is an indoor kitty of course but it is colder outside than in your frig (most are set at 45 deg) so she should survive a few hours with something to eat... and I see she had that!

    You will just have to keep an eye on her from now on. There was a cat in my neighborhood that would jump into the back of my car when I opened the hatchback to get items out at the end of my day. The first time was suprisingly funny; the second time drew my attention to weird cat behavior and the third time told me I have a new daily task on my hands if I want to keep kitty from spending the night in my car.

  2. I was DYING laughing when I read this. I can only imagine when you realized she was in the fridge! HILARIOUS! Don't let PITA know. Love you! :)