January 5, 2012


Skirt:H&M, Shirt: Urban, Shoes: J.Crew. Necklace: F21

We woke up this morning to the beautiful Seattle sun shinning into our bedroom window. And when I say bedroom I mean entire Apartment there is no separation in this tiny studio we call home. I fully intended on wearing this during our daily outings in the city today, however sunshine does not always come with warmth unfortunately. Something I have had a hard time grasping, to me Sun equals warm happy days not freezing wind blown days.

We wandered around the city again today. Ate our lunch in a little nook inside of Pike Place Market while watching the ferry's come and go. We took a self guided tour of the seven stories Macy's, and wandered around the rack. We now sit using the free internet provided by the first ever o so charming Starbucks.

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