January 18, 2012

Snowmen and White Coats

We hiked through the winter wonderland to get to the Radiologist this morning. He basically said everything we figured he would say and cleared up some questions. He said that David would have to to three weeks of radiation to get rid of any cancer that still might be lingering behind. During radiation you go everyday for 15min, it's a breeze in comparison to the 4hr chemo, just more inconvenient. The radiologist said the only side affects might be are a sore throat and feeling more tired than usual. I'll take that over him being nauseous, achy, and throwing up. Just to name a few.
So good news all in all nothing we weren't already expecting. We were pretty much soaked after walking to and from the doctor so went home and relaxed, then braved the snow again to go see the new Sherlock Holmes. I think I like it much better than the first, then celebrated again with Cheesecake Factory. The city was still rather busy with all the snow fall, something I am use to spending so much time in Idaho but David said this never happens and a lot of places were closed. The snow is not something I miss it's pretty when it fall's but then its so messy afterwards.

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