January 8, 2012

As of Late

(a few photos from our walks around the city.)

We've really been enjoying the extra free time we've been given, being in school and working our whole married life, free time is not something we are use to. Lately we've had the chance to sleep in a little too late while slowly getting ourselves up and moving. But once we are out, we are out. We spend the whole day exploring new part's of the city, going to a lot of the free things it has to offer, trying new restaurants, and enjoying the simple pleasure of reading a book. For fun! I know it can get real crazy over here watch out. Parking downtown is crazy expensive so we've left our car at the Palmers until we figure out an alternate solution. So we walk or take the bus everywhere which isn't a problem  downtown it's just when we want to leave downtown. We usually have to walk a couple miles from the bus stop to get to our destination. We don't mind at all though, it's a nice change from our short walks in Rexburg.

Right now David is doing Freelance work and I've applied at a few salon's. So hopefully things will work out soon for us in that department. Our apartment is pretty much put together its a small studio so it wasn't much work. We got a new mattress and it's heavenly. We originally wanted a King for the extra sleeping space but with the apartment being so small we couldn't fit it.  However this mattress is so comfortable it feel's like I've got all that extra sleeping space. 

We love the new city but its hard getting used to something new. We don't know where anything is and we are always having to look at our phones, even at the grocery store I feel lost. Its especially hard without any friends close by, I miss seeing a familiar face every now and then. Moving in general is just kind of hard, it doesn't feel like home yet but I know that will change with time. For now I am just grateful for all the extra time I get to spend with David.


  1. I am glad you guys are getting time to explore the city. It look beautiful. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I am from and now live in the Seattle area and I also just came back from Rexburg! Funny that I passed through your blog! Would love to help if you are in need of help with the area!