March 6, 2012

I love...

    (I love... a Tuesday ritual.) a sneak peek of my new loves.

To shop! 

O my I love to shop! Sadly though I never get to do it for two reasons. Reason One I never have any money and reason Two Idaho doesn't have a lot of shopping available. 

But when I go home I really get to shop (emphasis on the really) and it's so nice to be able to add a few new things to the mix. I know I'm always saying to just work with what you've got in your closet, but sometimes you have to add or you'll go crazy.

So when I shop, I shop smart. I look for things that will go with the existing item's in my closet. I ask myself questions like

 "Is this something that can be worn different ways multiple times?"
"What will it go with in my closet?"
"Is it worth the price they are asking?"

This way I am adding value to my closet, avoiding impulse buys, and staying within a budget. Personally I would rather have a smaller closet full of items I could wear over and over again with all different kind's of things, rather than a closet full of bunch things that don't belong together. I use to do this and it make's getting dressed very difficult.

How do you like to shop? Are there any questions you ask yourself when trying things on?



  1. I love those patterns. I am in the exact same predicament. There really isn't anywhere good to shop in Alabama either, so when I go home to Atlanta it's on!! haha Great post.

  2. love those prints!