March 15, 2012

Skin Care Secrets

1. Neutrogena make-up remover wipes. 2. Olay cleanser. 3. Clinique scrub cream. 
4. Clinique eye cream. 5. Clinique lotion.

I do not consider myself a skin care expert but I do feel like I've learned a few important things over the years through trial and error. I only recently have felt like I've found an excellent skin care regimen, hitting all my bases when it comes to my face. Here are my five favorite skin care products.

1. Make-Up remover. I cannot live without make-up wipes, they are the quickest and easiest way to remove all your make-up. Preparing your skin to cleanse and moisturize without anything in the way. 

 I know a lot of women just use eye wipes,  but there is still make-up on your face that needs to be washed off. I know we think it falls off in the middle of the day while we are running around, but it is still there.  These Neutrogena wipes are all purpose cleaning off your eye and face make-up.

2. Cleanse. Now that your face is clear of make-up we can cleanse, to me the most refreshing part of getting ready for bed. It feels so good to have a clean smooth face and cleansing will do this. I love Olay total effects, it smells good and after having used it for me time have noticed an improvement in my complexion. It is anti-aging but I didn't really buy it for that, of all 7 things it claims to do anti-aging is only one of them.

3. Exfoliate. It's not good to exfoliate every single day, but probably once a week I use an exfoliant to remove any build of skin or dirt my cleanser may not be getting. Don't scrub too hard when using an exfoliant or you could scratch your skin a little, which I have done and it is not fun.

4. Eye Cream. I always hear it's better to start young when taking care of your skin. Clinique all about eyes is a great eye cream to use at a young age when wanting to use something tothat reduces dark circles, and puffiness while taking special care of my younger skin. So my old skin will look young, and it must be working because I still get asked if I'm in high school.

5. Moisturize. If you do nothing else with your skin at least moisturize. Hydrating your skin is a huge first step to taking care of your skin. I've been using this lotion since high school it is my absolute favorite. I use this lotion in the morning after I have cleansed as a primer for my make-up and then at night at the very end. I put it on my face and as well as my neck.


  1. i used to use only clinique. it was the best, once my skin changed I started using other products but i always loved clinique!


  2. I use a few clinique products also.. love them!

  3. those neutrogena wipes are amazing! can't live without them!