June 15, 2009

21st Birthday Extravaganza

I'm finally 21! It's weird because I always thought 21 was the golden year, that by this time in my life I would be living the dream! I would finally have figured out the perfect hair cut, have the cutest clothes and lots of them. I would be finished with school living in New York doing something Fabulous in some fabulous apartment downtown........So it turns out 21 isn't the golden year none of those are yet to happen. Thats ok because I have so much more then that!!! I have an amazing Husband who loves me more then anything and who would do anything for me! We have a very cute apartment downtown (downtown rexburg is close enough) soon to have an even cuter one in a month with a dishwasher! I'm still in school which is great because who wants to work and I have wonderful friends and family. It's just funny to think back on what I expected for myself at 21 and what my life really is which is so much better I hope the rest of my life keeps on this way. This past year has gone by so fast! Probably because I have done so much
  • Got Married to David Palmer!(best part)
  • Went to Mexico
  • Moved into our 1st apartment
  • Switched my major to Photography
  • Got a Cat (Chanel)
  • Moved to Denver for David's Internship
  • Moved into our 2nd apartment an upgrade from the 1st
  • Me and David had our first Christmas together
  • Got a Job at Forever 21
  • Tried Salmon and LOVED It favorite meal!!
  • Got my Beautiful Camera
  • David switched his major to Art
  • Started the blog (important I know)
  • Visited the family in Texas
  • Moved back to Idaho
  • Moved into our 3rd apartment an upgrade from the 1st and 2nd!
  • Started crazy school again
  • Had to give Chanel away (sadest day ever)
  • Visited the family in Washington
  • Turned 21!!
Nothing too exciting but I would say I've done a lot and the best part about it was I did it all with David.

David MADE this cake! Amazing? Yes!

All of the yummy treats! Everything was Pink I loved it!
Pink cake, Pink chocolate covered pretzels, pink lemonade with pink sugar rims!

Me and My Ladies 21!! Except Meghan....Ali and Taj
Me and lots of people

Tori and Amy
My Beautiful cake on Fire!! I loved it seriously the greatest Birthday cake! Look at how tall that thing is!


Shortly after serving the cake it fell over......
Bryce and Tom
Some of my favorite/nicest people ever! Craig and Mike came early to help us decorate very helpful!!
Sarah and David
Mike and Annie in PINK

Meghan and Preston soon to be Engaged yay! My cute little husband
My Birthday Gifts a Tri pod (i've wanted one for so long) and an Ipod running band (also wanted one for so long)

My favorite breakfast French Toast and Sausage!

He loves COKE in a bottle

My Favorite Meal! Salmon and asparagus ad RICE!!

COKE!!!! and of course DIET COKE along side the amazing cake


  1. Your birthday party was so great!
    I'm glad you had a great 21st!
    Umm...I worked at Forever 21 and switched my major to photo in the last year too! We're twins!

  2. i matched your cake. not intentional. so great.

  3. Happy Birthday Sweety. I love you more than the world.

  4. Happy Birthday Sweety. I love you more than the world.