June 22, 2009

New Hair

I Finally Cut my Hair! First of all I NEVER cut my hair its SOOO scary! I had a horrible experience in High School and ever since then its been growing! Not true I've obviously cut it since then but nothing really intense! Second of all I have been dying absolutely DYING to cut my hair like this since me and David got engaged. But of course a bride to be would never cut her hair short! So that was almost two years ago! Amost two years of waiting and I finally did it! It took awhile to find the right person to let cut it but it turned out great I LOVE IT!! I hope you do too!
In the I-Comm office. I finished my homework before David for once!A little Side ViewAnother little Side ViewIn the Clouds with my new Hair
POLKA DOTS!David & Courtney 4-ever!
A lot of those colors are in Black & White because I'm not too happy with the color of my hair at the moment I' m trying to let the Natural color grow in but its kind of dull! I was thinking a little more Blonde but I don't know...



  1. Very Very Cute Court!!! I love the bangs, very brave and it totally works!

  2. Courtney, this post is SO funny to me! I love your hair and I love that you posted yourself in the clouds and polka dots! HA! I am so jealous that you can pull off the bangs like that...I've tried it and didn't look so hot. Love the blonde too by the way! Looks like you had fun on the computer today.

  3. Beautiful. That is what your are. I love you sweety.