June 15, 2011

Dinner Party

When I woke up Sunday morning and saw that it was raining I thought my dream of having a dinner party in the park was over. I've always wanted to host a dinner in the park, but it seemed like a lot of work. But since this is our last summer in Rexburg, and my last birthday we took on the task. (I can't imagine trying to do this in New York) It was such a success, the rain cleared up and the ground dried, we ate homemade pizza, bread stick's, David gave a wonderful toast, and we ate a delicious cake.  Thank you to everyone who came, and especially those who helped set and clean up. All photos by Josh from innov8.


  1. What a cute idea!! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Okay, okay:

    I'd really like to interview you sometime this weekend about your blog and the success you've had thus far. I'm trying to do feature stories on my blog about millennials (people our age) who are using the Internet to brand themselves and build an audience. Would you be interested?

  3. Ya that sounds great! Just let me know when you want to do it!