June 20, 2011

The Weekend via iphone

Can you believe I didn't take a single picture on the real camera. Actually I can, when with family and traveling the camera get's left out sometimes. Plus we did a lot of shopping so it would have been a lot of pictures of me finding nothing, which I'm still upset about. Anytime I have money to spend I can't find anything. It was a great weekend for accessories though. I found 2 necklaces Goal reached thank you! A purse, and hat pictured above.

Let's go through it shall we

1. New Fiesta starburts are delicious. 2. Hello 3. Macaroni Grill where we claimed we had never been before :) 4. Dave's sweet new glasses. 5. love 6. Chicken Parmesan 7. No I did not buy this cat pillow but I love how cat's are making their way in on the cool crowd. 8. Dave 9. We went to see Paris after midnight 10. Pizza feast after returning home 11. Always good to see Coco 12. Ended the weekend with our favorite movie.


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