June 2, 2011

Pretty Picks

 A big part of being fashionable is having the ability to work with the items that are currently apart of your wardrobe. It's easy to walk into a store and buy everything that's on the mannequin. It's not as easy however, to take what you have and make new outfit's. I don't always have the money to go out and buy a brand new outfit whenever I feel like it, and that's where these little inspirations boards come in. I look for pieces I like, put an outfit together (above) and then match my wardrobe to look the same. So today I've picked a lot of my inspiration from Anthropologie, because they never get it wrong, and I've picked things most of us already own. A nice pair of dark jeans, a flowly white blouse, or flowy blouse in any color, a cute pair of earrings, and some heels. If your not a heel person flat's would look great too. The point is to make it you, and make it something you feel fancy in.

I've been drooling over these pants for months, they are gorgeous. 
Three  Essie's summer collection

Have A Fancy Day!

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