June 28, 2011

i love.... tuesdays

Inspired by Design Sponge , this week's i love is what I love about my home. 
Really it's an apartment but we call it our home.

1. Beautiful pedestal sink. 

2. Leafy Key holder. 

3. Love monument David made for my birthday last year.  

4. Of course what I love most about my home is these two. 

5. My yellow sheets. 

6. Frame wall above our bed. 

7. I Love You Too plaque. 

8. A gift for our two year anniversary

9. Rivers. David took me on a date to the Build a Bear workshop when we were first dating. 

10. Couch o how long I waited for you.  

11. Yet another gift from sweet David. 

12. Last, a gift from David's parents. Full story here.

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