June 7, 2011

i love.... tuesdays

1.  Just Dance 2 for the Wii. It's so much fun, but I got a little too into in Saturday night and now my arms are way sore.

2. My new $6 plates from DI. I'm excited to use them for my birthday party.

3. Having the day off to sleep in and go to the gym super late. Like 12 in the afternoon late.

4. The Cocoa Bean. I use to hate the Cocoa Bean, and we live right above it so people always ask. O is it so hard for you to resist going there everyday to which I would say no I don't think it's that great. But something happened and now I'm obsessed and it's really hard to resist. 

5. I love comments, or I would at least love to hear from you guys, and what you think. Feel free to say hello, and tell me what you love this week!

Have A Fancy Day! 


  1. What I love is you of course and the new blog is pretty cool too!!

  2. i am obsessed with the cocoa bean. their drinks are my favorite!

  3. I like your new blog a lot. I don't always dress fancy, but inside I would like to, someday, I will get out of my exercise clothes and put on the fancy ones. Hailey would love it.
    I need to be more like you, and not worry that I have little ones that could accidentally spill on things....it's washable, right?
    Keep up with the fancy life, I love to read it.

  4. my favorite cupcake is the phat monkey and the smores.