June 21, 2011

Birthday Day

My actual Birthday was pretty low key since we went all out for the party. Nevertheless it was one of my favorite birthday's I've had in awhile.  First I received an amazing surprise from CH at school, she brought that huge balloon pictured last week. I just love cheesy big balloons like that,  how did she know? That afternoon I got another great surprise, the front desk brought me a note from David telling me to meet him at the park for Lunch. I love secret lunches at the park that include a delicious Jimmy John's sandwich and lemonade. That night we went to Cafe Rio, I know so classy but I was craving queso so bad! For dessert we went to the Fall's,  David fooled me into thinking I wasn't going to get a  Cocoa Bean cupcake. Little did I know he bought the cupcakes earlier that day, and they were hiding in the basket. So what we can learn is that I love oversized affection's of love. Surprises that involve park's. More surprises and cupcake's.

P.S.- The first picture ever taken of us was on one of our first date's at the fall's, which happened to be right after my birthday. So naturally I wanted to re-create it.

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