June 10, 2011

Fancy Friday

This week's Fancy Friday is extra Fancy! Not only did Josh Petterson from innov8 take the pictures for us again, but we are going to talk about men's styling. David is the man behind the camera for most of my outfits, but today I wanted to share his style. Which is sometimes more fashionable then mine. I interviewed David last night (pretty easy since we live together) about his personal style, and what he think's of men styling. 

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Rugby Sweater: Gifted Louis Vuitton Pants: Abercrombie Shoes: Allen Edmonds Watch: Timex 1600

How did you get interested in Fashion?
I was interested in how large the industry for women's fashion was, and wondered why there was such a small interest in men's fashion. It seemed liked it was a girl's only world. It wasn't until I started looking more and more into men's fashion  that I realized there was a huge world, and a lot of people were apart of it. 

What do you think are some key items every guy should have in their closet?
A good watch, nice fitted dark jeans, a tailored suite, a good pair of leather sole dress shoes, and a bow tie. A lot of guy's think they can't wear them, but a well selected bow tie can go a long way, both in everyday wear and special occasion's. 

Where is your favorite place to shop for men's clothing?
I like my look simple, my favorite dress shirt's are from Ralph Lauren Rugby, I get a lot of insperation from J. Crew. But locally I do a lot of shopping at Downeast because of the variety they bring in, and Gap has some really good sales for shirt's. I also look for deals online. The shoes and watch pictured were both purchased on ebay for a really great price. 

What could a guy do today with the clothes in his closet to make his outfit's better?
First accessories aren't just for girl's, watches can really help bring a look together. When wearing a button up you don't have to wear a thick undershirt. Try not wearing one, unless it's white or thin.  Sneakers are for the gym only, and t-shirts and hoodies don't make a good impression. 

Any last advice?
Don't be afraid to wear a slim straight leg in a darker wash. When I bought my first pair of straight legs, I felt really self conscience that I was wearing girl jeans. Now I can't imagine not having them apart of my wardrobe, they make any outfit look nicer, and they are really versatile. At the end of the day fashion is about being confident in what your wearing, don't be afraid to try something new. 



  1. Great post, david shared a lot of great information.

  2. Truly fancy. Just as promised. My favorite is when David is looking at his watch!

  3. ok i can't figure out how to comment on your "weekend" post up there for some reason... but i'm obsessed with how cute you birthday party in the park was! even cute little flags on toothpicks in every drink! did you do those? it looks so.... not picnic-y. more.... pretty-y.

  4. haha thank you! Ya I made all the flags myself, it was a lot of fun, and not too hard.