January 25, 2010

I am the Future Gazer

I have a bad habit of looking too much at the future and not living in the moment. I sometimes think too much about what fun things are ahead of me. For instance when we we're in Denver somedays I would wish we we're in Rexburg and now that we are I look back at Denver and think what a fun time that was I wish I had enjoyed it more then I did. So I guess my point is I don't want to be living in the future anymore I want to learn to enjoy the time of my life I'm in and not always be looking at what's ahead. aka New York. Because I'm sure when we are there I will look back at the short time we we're in Rexburg together and wish I had enjoyed it more. David knows this problem of mine very well and he suggested that we make a list of all the things that living in this part of the country has to offer that we haven't taken advantage of yet and set a goal to do them before we leave so that I could see that there is fun to be had everywhere and to help me get out of my "looking to the future" problem. Also David made me realize something I had forgotten that this time together is precious because soon we will be graduated and have kids and David will be working and life will only get busier. We are so free right now it's amazing we can literally pick and go whenever we want. We need to take more advantage of this precious time we have together. Needless to say I have an amazing husband who helps me remember the blessings in my life when I'm feeling down.

I said we should think of 60 things to do before we graduate but could only think of 35 so hopefully we can think of some more if not it's quite the list and if anyone has anymore good ideas let us know.

1. Go to the Tetons
2. Visit the Ghost Town
3. Take a trip to Vegas
4. Go to pretty place in Cedar City
6. Lake tahoe
7. Grand Canyon
8. Go Snowboarding
9. California
10. Visit the other half of Yellowstone
11. Quake Lake Camping
12. Have a bonfire just us
13. Sand Dunes
14. Explore Idaho Falls more
15. Build a Snowman
16. The Fair
17. The Rodeo
18. The Circus
19. Swimming in crazy places
20. Put-Put at the Craze/ Experience the Craze
21. Run Teton Dam Marathon
22. Visit the Teton Dam
23. Go on tour of Budweiser facility
24. Eat at the Olive garden bar (story for another day)
25. Reed's Dairy tour
26. Hike R mountain for real
27. David learn to float
28. Visit/Serve at the retirement home
29. Volunteer at 4-paws pet adoption
30. Do baptisms at the Rexburg temple
31. Go to a different temple
32. Go to the spoken word
33. Fishing
34. Grow a garden at the school
35. Visit Denver in the summer
36. Make a time capsule and burry it here for our children.

Some of these things are really random and could do anywhere but it just wouldn't be the same anywhere else and after making this list yesterday it made me realize how much I do like living here and how it has become our home and I will probably dearly miss it when we leave.


  1. I like #3 the best! Come visit us and you have a free place to stay!

  2. Denver in the summer is something you need to see. It will give you a whole new love for Denver. Even though the winter in Denver is nothing compared to Rexburg...the summer is just amazing...not too hot not too cold...and lots to do.

  3. Denver in the Summer... Bomb idea! Also, I think there is an antique store in Shelley that is pretty cool. My aunt loves it and she finds a lot of stuff there. You could add that to your list. #37. Go antiquing in Shelley. I think that would be fun at least! I will find out more about it because I think you would love it.

  4. Well, there is life after kids. It seems a long way off I suppose but you have a long life ahead of you. You will do great things.
    I love you.