January 19, 2010

Year and a Half!

We've been married a Year and a half today!! IT feels like SO much longer!! Like we've been married forever but in a good so much longer kind of way. Time to Celebrate! We went to the temple which was a perfect way to celebrate! Then we got our favorite domino's pizza and Crazy bread and horkleys because we are saving up for a big trip! (more on that later) I love love love being married! It's so much fun every night is a big party!

10 Reasons to get Married to David Palmer: ( just a few random reasons out of a million)

1. He loves me more then anything in whole entire world!
2. He can cook the most amazing meals
3. He is patient
4. He turns off the light and gets me water
5. He's super talented as a graphic designer aka provides for the family!
6. He makes me LAUGH!!
7. He supports me in all my crazy career choices (owning a cat house)
8. He is a first class Husband
9. He is Handsome
10. He makes me happy!
I love you David!

(note I put the time on my point and shoot and I didn't think it would show up on the pictures but it did I will be taking that off later)

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  1. Of all the things you could plan to do together a regular trip to the Temple is a really good idea. Make a habit of doing this together coupled with praying together and you will find answers to questions about the challenges you face in life. Yes, this is a really good idea. I love you.