September 23, 2011

Fancy Friday

Dress: gift. Jacket; Forever. Shoes/Tights/Clutch: Urban. Bracelets: Forever. Necklaces: Downeast and Forever.

I was so excited to put up Fancy Friday this morning so much so I woke up a little early so I would have time to make it a really good post. Sometimes my Fancy Friday team (me & bestie) come up with a really good outfit and sometimes Josh has some really awesome lighting ideas and some really awesome photo's are taken. Then just for fun David jumps in and get's all kinds of inappropriate in front of the camera and I get all kinds of awkward. Good times. I actually have no idea what we are up to this weekend, I have a lot of school stuff going on so hopefully we will be able to squeeze something exciting in there somewhere. Hope everyone has a fabulous Fancy Friday and of course a first day of fall!

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