September 8, 2011


Shirt/Belt: H&M, Skirt; K-Mart, Necklace: Forever, Shoes: Gap. 

Some days I can put together an outfit together really fast, other day's I cannot. More often than not it takes awhile for a good outfit to come together. I guess that's what happen's when you are a poor student and have to work with what you've got. Yesterday though was a really good and this outfit just seemed to fall out of my closet and into my hand's. It only took me at the most 15 minutes to put it together. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm sure you do, if not I'm very jealous. 

Have a fabulous Fancy Day!


  1. I like how your shirt resembles denim, but it's not. Lovely necklace.

  2. you do not look like a poor college student. well done.
    and yes, i have times where i feel i don't have anything to wear and i really have to dig for something.
    And I saw you put the shoes are from gap but i don't see them? :)

  3. Haha Lindsay your right! No shoes. I think I just get so use to typing everything I have on and forget that some things don't show in the pictures. I will have to wear them again soon! and thanks for all the love everyone it means a lot!

  4. i definitely have the same problem as you. sometimes it can take me foreverrr to put an outfit together. it drives me insane! but i am in love with this outfit of yours. its perfection.

    and i am in love with your blog! its amazing. so happy i found it. im following xx

  5. Cute! I love the denim shirt with that animal print skirt!