February 11, 2010

Me and my Sweetheart

Every Tuesday at two there is a devotional held at BYU-Idaho, a different person comes to speak to us every week. This past Tuesday Elder J. Ballard Washburn came and he gave the most amazing talk! He talked about our mission in life. Which is you and your sweethearts mission.

Note when he says: Sweethearts = Your spouse and
Old Scratch = Lucifer.

Here are a few of the things that I got from the devotional usually I don't share but I just thought it was so good I wanted to share with all of you.

- The greatest gift God has to give cannot be received by one person.

- The most important thing I will ever do is marry my sweetheart.

- I will be a good wife when I learn to love my husband more then myself.

- The single purpose of old scratch is to oppose the great plan of happiness to corrupt the most beautiful experience of life romance love marriage and parenthood.

- Some decisions should not be made by men and women talking it over but by asking the Lord.

- A little Kingdom is created when you kneel at the alter

- If you give the Lord an acceptable offering of going to the temple you can claim the blessing of protection over your family.

- Women are the heart of the family!

I've always really enjoyed talks about marriage and the family that's probably why I liked this devotional so much.

The real talk is even better go check it out! {devo} it's Called Our (you and your sweethearts) mission in life by Elder J. Ballard Washburn.


  1. A very nice blog. You will always be one of my sweethearts. I love you sweetie!

  2. Court! I love reading all your posts, they are always so cute! I can't believe ya'll are addicted to LOST too! We are watching season 5 right now, so I have to cover my ears anytime I hear anyone even mention the new season. Looks like ya'll are doing great! Planning on coming back to Austin anytime soon?

  3. What a refreshing post. So encouraging! Oh, and "Old Scratch" is my new favorite term!