March 19, 2011

this week

Coco healed from her surgery.
While I painted my nails an obnoxious color for winter. Bright pink. Costa Vida (the new Bajio) for dinner on Monday qualifying as FHE.
Finally did this style on my hair from this tutorial.
Made a Horkley's stop with our extra change. I rode the long board all the way there. Ate some delicious corn on the cob, can't wait to cook it on the grill.
Added color to this lovely lady. I also moved up to Creative, which is the second half of my schooling. Could not be more excited about that. A Blizzard after a long day.
and we end the week with Coco sleeping again. I'm excited for the weekend or my version of it. I plan on getting a lot of schoolwork done. I always say that but maybe since it's on the blog I will feel more obligated to get it done. Happy Saturday!

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